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Becoming a member or a customer of Cure The Chaos, you have full access to the CURE Method along with me and my team to coach you through the process of getting organized either in person or virtually. We’re on a mission to help families reduce overwhelm, increase productivity, and alleviate stress while living harmoniously with their household assets that bring happiness and joy to their lives.

The CURE Method

is a methodology created to help individuals get organized by undergoing a simple step-by-step process.  It starts with an end-goal and vision in mind and takes you through the steps to achieve that goal and outcome.    Each step is designed to remove the overwhelm and provide motivation.   Every item in the ‘space-to-be organized’ is evaluated and it’s purpose is examined as to ‘why it is in this space or in the house all together?’.  What purpose do those items serve and where will it live in our home?   When every item in your house/space has a home, it can be easily returned and the organized space can be up-kept. Our homes have a finite amount of space and if we invite too much into those areas, they become over-crowded and disorganized.  The CURE Method is designed to help de-clutter, simplify and create a healthy household environment where individuals and families can thrive in their living space together.  Once organized,  items can be found easily and it is simple for families to upkeep the systems put in place.   This will also help reduce costly overspending in the future as every item is accounted for and mentally inventoried.  During the organizing process, it is not uncommon to find un-cashed checks, cash money, un-used gift certificates, missing/lost items, and duplicate items.  We jokingly call this ‘Treasure Hunting’ and clients are thrilled to find these items.


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