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Hi! I'm Reagan -

I’ve been a Professional Organizer since 2004.  My journey began when my Grandmother started going blind and she had a small apartment with a lot of “Knick-knacks”. I was worried she would trip or something would fall on her.  When I was done organizing her apartment, I looked around and was in awe of the accomplishment. Instantly, I knew I could do this for others.  I’m careful to tailor my organizing to YOUR needs, as you are the one that will always live in your space/home.  We work together to find solutions that work for you, your lifestyle and your specific needs.

I am the most non-judgmental and empathetic organizer out there.  I can increase organizational efficiency of a household by 30-50%. I can also increase personal efficiency by around 40% through the proven methods of the CURE method that I developed and are unique to my company.

My CURE method is a way to teach others to get organized and stay organized! My method is simple; where others are complex. I can see patterns and spaces and know how to help decrease the overwhelmingness of clutter without judgment.

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